Miror Opticians Identity

Miror Opticians Identity

Miror is an ancient word expressing a fresh insight into the meaning of optical science and care.

A brand name picked to express a strong belief: that eyecare has value because it enables us to contemplate that which is wonderful and beautiful.

A shift to a new conception of store where experienced opticians are committed not only to the treatment itself, but more importantly to the recovery and re-discovery of eyes as wonder gates.

This is Miror: a brand conceived as a Master of the ‘sense of wonder’ able to control both optical art and mechanics to deliver surprise, marvel and inspiration. A chain of high-end optician concept store conceived as Wunderkammers, contemporary theaters where the show is always on.

Logo, collaterals, packaging, visual merchandising, in-store experiences and site-specific installations: all of Miror Stores brand identity elements are designed to amaze your eyes.



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