Revival e-health Identity

Revival e-health Identity

In  this present era, healthcare is rapidly evolving. As patients become more engaged, informed and involved with their health decisions, they demand more convenient, better, faster, and real-time access to care.

Revival Health exists to give an answer to the need for better universal care offering an ecosystem of e-care products and services at a fair price.

MamaLab worked closely with the Revival team to create a new brand identity for an emerging pioneer company challenging societal norms through its accessible e-care services and a vision embracing all mankind.

A brand that stands for a new era of wellness: Re-vival means re-starting, re-alligning mind and body, re-connecting, re-storing prime universal values, re-claiming a better healthcare.

Positive, active, strong and diverse, Revival brand image is designed to convey an accessible, close, inclusive, engaged and caring vision.pes



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