Ebony&Co Identity

Ebony&Co Identity

With remote and sustainable sourcing, masterful tailoring and an authentic take on luxury, Ebony & Co crafts luxury wide and extralong plank floors for connoisseurs.

Mamalab was tasked to reinterpret the vision that nods to the illustrious and pioneering history of the brand.

Inspired by the masterful process of discovering and sourcing the absolute best wood, seamless is the key concept driving the brand identity of Ebony&Co. Logo, graphic design, use of color, printing and binding techniques: all of these elements are designed to deliver the same unique experience of Ebony & Co natural, vast, limitless surfaces. Wild and luxurious, sensory and minimal at the same time. Surfaces to be sensed and touched.

Dynamic and ‘adaptive’ as every living creature, the logo revamp embodies the explorative attitude of a pioneer eco-luxury brand and echoes the natural changing beauty of an organic material such as wood.

Graphic design flows and explores large format pages with balanced mastery.



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